Lynn Cornwell, National Cattlemen's Beef Association president, said Friday he is pleased that President George Bush’s tax package, which includes the repeal of the death tax, passed the United States Senate by a vote of 62-38.

The tax bill could be signed as early as Saturday, May 26.

"We support the Senate's tax bill and urge the President to sign a version with the provisions of the Senate bill, which will provide extensive relief to America's farmers and ranchers," said Cornwell. "Actions taken by the Senate this week clear the way for tax relief for
America's cattle producers," said Jay Truitt, NCBA's executive director of legislative affairs. "This tax package will allow farmers and ranchers to think about investing in their future, rather than working to keep the government from taking away a lifetime of work."

"This marks the outcome of an aggressive lobbying campaign by America's cattle producers," Cornwell said. "NCBA has been working to repeal the death tax for 15 years. It shows that hard work and determination can pay off."

Legislators from the House and Senate still must come to an agreement on some basic differences between the two versions of the bill.