Jan Lyons, KansasCattle Producer and President, National Cattlemen's Beef Association:

“This is a great day for America’s cattle producers.  As we examine the results of yesterday’s elections, we have so many reasons to be proud of our elected leaders and our citizens across the country whose efforts made a difference in this historic election. 

“Rural Americans came out strong yesterday, and those votes were crucial in this election.  That’s what democracy is all about – having the ability to participate in the political process. The issues we face as cattle producers are important to our country and our nation’s economy. We’re confident that our voices are being heard.

“President Bush has successfully been re-elected to another term.  Members of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) made an unprecedented decision to endorse the President, and since NCBA’s Board of Director’s meeting in August, cattlemen and cattlewomen have volunteered their time and energy to get out the vote, and the rural vote proved to be very important to the outcome of this election. 

“We believe cattlemen and their rural communities will benefit from the long-term results of this entire election. President Bush has long supported policies which help rural communities and small businesses to prosper. He supports tax relief for small businesses, he supports personal property rights, and he has fostered an aggressive trade policy opening markets worldwide for our products.  Furthermore, he is committed to working with producers and our industry on efforts to better ensure the health of our cattle herd.

“In key congressional races across the country we helped elect candidates with similar values and philosophies.  As we look to the future, our focus is on unifying our industry.  The time has come for us to come together, to move forward and continue to work for policies that will improve the profitability of America’s ranchers and farmers.”