“We are committed to working with every segment of the food production chain to ensure all livestock are treated humanely, and we strongly support strict compliance with and enforcement of all state and federal animal welfare laws. Appropriate cattle care includes close supervision of cattle health and wellbeing. We believe it’s important to promptly attend to animals that appear non-ambulatory.

To date, in cooperation with the nation’s livestock markets, we have distributed more than 2,000 cattle care and handling training videos to the nation’s 1,250 livestock markets and other cattle sales locations, as well as veterinarians who work with these operations. Additionally, we are in the process of conducting hands-on staff training sessions at livestock markets led by cattle handling experts.

Beef producers and livestock market owners understand that animal care and raising cattle go hand-in-hand. We know that giving animals the proper care and supervision they deserve is an obligation, not an option, and also is smart business."