Canadian officials announced today that another animal has tested positive for BSE. This time it is a 7-year-old animal born in March 1998. That means the animal was born after the ruminant-feeding ban was put in place in 1997. No part of the animal entered the human food chain or animal feed systems.

The infected animal was detected through Canada’s recently enhanced national surveillance program. Initial testing on the animal was conducted by Alberta authorities. Results were inconclusive and samples were then sent to the Canadian Science Centre for Human and Animal Health in Winnipeg. The definitive diagnosis was made today using the internationally recognized “gold standard” test for BSE.

The current investigation is independent of the on-going investigation of the positive animal identified earlier this year. For more from the CFIA, go to

And in related news, a USAToday article reports that USDA – APHIS may reconsider its final rule that would reopen the border with Canada on March 7. For more from that USA Today article go

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