National Meat Association today filed a supplement to its motion with the United States District Court in Billings, Montana.  This supplement clarifies its position seeking status as an Intervenor and cross plaintiff in R-CALF v. USDA in light of the announcement that USDA has addressed a disparity in its final rule which would have allowed the importation from Canada of meat from cattle 30 months and older, but not the animals themselves

NMA welcomes the technical correction announced by Secretary of Agriculture Mike Johanns.  In fact, the association was, in part, seeking status in R-CALF v. USDA because some of its members who slaughter and process beef were at a competitive disadvantage in having to compete with this imported boneless beef.  However, the interests and harm which have brought NMA to the table go far beyond this one issue.

“Great harm will continue to be inflicted upon U.S. packers and their employees, if R-CALF succeeds in its protectionist agenda and keeps the Canadian border closed” said NMA Executive Director Rosemary Mucklow.

National Meat Association is a non-profit industry association. Since 1946, NMA has represented meat packers and processors, equipment manufacturers and food suppliers who provide services to the meat industry.