Farm groups in Ohio are angry at threats by the Humane Society of the United States to force a ballot initiative on many of the livestock confinement practices in the state.

What’s happening is “tremendously scary to Ohio farmers… and what’s happening will impact everyone in Ohio,” Stark County (Ohio) farmer Frank Burkett III told the Akron Beacon-Journal.

Last February, HSUS officials asked agricultural groups to eliminate certain confinement systems, such as gestation crates for sows, veal crates and cages for egg-laying hens, to avoid a ballot initiative. Since then, the Ohio Legislature has proposed a state board to oversee animal treatment. That proposal will probably go to the voters this November. HSUS is against such a board and continues to make threats to develop its own ballot initiative, like it has in other states. Last fall, the Proposition 2 ballot initiative in California banned gestation stalls, veal crates and cages for layers.

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Source: Akron Beacon-Journal