The One Health Commission has named Roger Mahr, DVM, former president of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), as chief executive officer. The One Health Commission is a multi-disciplinary group established to highlight the connections between human, animal, and environmental health, according to a Reuters article this week.

According to the article, an estimated 75 percent of all emerging diseases are zoonotic, meaning that they can be transferred between animals and humans. The One Health Commission will address new and existing zoonotic diseases, such as avian influenza and West Nile Virus, through unified, collaborative efforts between veterinary medicine, human medicine, and environmental sciences.

Mahr championed the “One Health” concept and formation of the national commission during his presidency of AVMA beginning in 2006. As a result, the AVMA partnered with the American Medical Association to form the commission, which now includes several other organizations involved in human and animal health.

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