More and more quick-serve restaurants have added “premium” hamburgers to their menus, and they are finding consumers receptive as people seek to upgrade their meals while sticking to a budget.

An article in this week in USA Today outlines the trend, saying McDonald’s has had great success with its Angus Third Pounder, which at $3.99 is the chains most expensive burger ever. Burger King offers a Steakhouse XT Burger, Jack in the Box sells Mini Sirloin Burgers and Wendy’s reportedly will soon launch a premium bacon cheeseburger.

Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, the article notes, started the trend with their “Black Angus Beef Six Dollar burgers” several years ago. Sources in the article say much of the trend is about marketing, as consumers generally don’t know what makes one burger “better” than another. But if terms such as “Angus” or “Sirloin” create a perception of higher quality, consumers are willing to pay a little more.