An ad in the Des Moines Register Farm Equipment section this week said that Asian Soybean Rust had been found overwintering in volunteer soybeans in southern Louisiana.

Researchers at LSU disagree.

“We did find it in volunteer soybeans last fall, but none has been found this year,” said Clayton Hollier, professor of plant pathology for the Louisiana State University AgCenter and principal investigator for the Southern Pest Detection Network. Hollier was quoted in the Web site

“We have tested many samples from volunteer soybeans this year (2005), but with no positives found whatsoever," he said in interviews with this afternoon. “We’ve probably pulled 300 to 500 plants from about five major locations,” but no rust has been found.

“Some of the earliest volunteer soybeans we found this year were next to the field where rust was discovered last year, about one-week-old and growing nicely, but clean. No yellowing, no positive tests,” Hollier said. “That prompted us then to go and look at other places, around other fields and at shipping sites where you get spillage” and volunteer soybeans growing.