One of our favorite beef-business spokespeople, Anne Burkholder of Will Feedyard, Cozad, Nebraska, discusses the challenges and rewards of being a wife, mom and feedyard manager on

Burkholder has been heavily involved in beef quality assurance and was honored as NCBA’s 2009 national BQA award winner. She also has been instrumental in the development of the transport BQA program.

She clearly articulates the importance producers place on caring for their animals and the environment, while producing safe, wholesome food for the rest of the population. Here message to other moms: “Have faith and trust in me and the rest of the families that make up the American beef industry. We care about our animals, we care about the environment, and we focus on good management practices to ensure that the beef we produce is safe and healthy. Remember, we are feeding our children the same food you feed yours!”

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