Cattle feeding margins declined another $12 per head last week, while cash fed cattle prices declined about 50-cents per hundredweight. Packer margins declined nearly $2 per head at the same time. The Sterling Profit Quotient also declined about 35 points from the previous week.

The Sterling Beef Profit Tracker is calculated using actual weekly prices for Choice fed steers, feeder steers, feed costs, boxed beef-cutout prices, hide and offal values, and other factors that influence profit margins.

The Sterling Beef Profit Tracker for the week ending 9/4/09:

  • Average feedyard margins: -$44.13 per head.
  • Average packer margins: -$42.65 per head.
  • Sterling Profit Quotient: -144.1

For additional information and a chart about this week’s Sterling Beef Profit Tracker, click here.

The Sterling Beef Profit Tracker is produced by Sterling Marketing Inc. and John Nalivka, president, Vale, Ore., and is published weekly by Drovers/CattleNetwork.