Cattle producers in the Northwest now have more options for Age and Source Verification of their calves following the signing of an agreement between Sterling Solutions and ABS Global, Inc.

Under the agreement, calves that are verified at the ranch level by ABS Global can enter any feedyard that utilizes the Sterling Solutions programs and the Age and Source Verification status will remain intact, thus giving feedyards and their retained ownership customers additional marketing opportunities.

“The lucrative Japanese export market demands that beef come from cattle that are Age and Source Verified through a USDA-approved program”, said John Nalivka, President of Sterling Solutions. “Export volume to Japan continues to increase, creating a need for a larger volume of verified cattle. The ABS network of cow-calf producers is extensive, which should make more verified cattle available to feedyards in the Northwest.”

“ABS recognizes Sterling Solutions as a leader in the cattle verification movement.  We are very pleased to be working with them as we all strive to create more marketing opportunities for progressive producers,” said Dr. Darrell Wilkes, U.S. Beef Supply Systems Manager for ABS Global, Inc. “It is becoming more obvious every day that if producers are going to gain access to premium markets, they must provide more documentation on their cattle including age, source, genetics and health background.”