Nutrition, the environment, consumer sciences and other issues are tackled in a recently released flyer by the National Cattlemen's Beef Association intended to help educators learn and teach the benefits of beef.

The flyer describes and illustrates more than a dozen teachers' aids prepared by NCBA on behalf of the Cattlemen's Beef Board and state beef councils. The materials are targeted to specific age groups and professionally written, designed and marketed with teachers in mind. Some of the materials are provided free to teachers in grades 3-7.

All materials are available to teachers through the beef industry's education Web site,

Several of the materials have won national awards for their effectiveness in reaching children and getting across the beef industry's message. Among the materials being promoted in the flyer are Eat Well Grow Strong, an educational poster for second graders; Caretakers All, an environmental program for grades 3-4; Fueled for Flight, an education kit that uses space travel to teach 5-6 grade students about how the body uses energy; Basics About Beef, a colorful 24-page booklet that covers all aspects of beef nutrition, purchasing, storing and preparation; and Facts for Your Files, a series of background sheets on numerous topics important to both consumers and the beef industry.