A phony story about McDonald’s and imported beef has made the rounds more than a 10-year-old re-gifted holiday fruitcake.

The bogus e-mails cite the Texas Cattle Feeders Association and a TexasA&MUniversity professor as sources, and both have repeatedly denied involvement. The e-mail message claims that McDonald’s refuses to use U.S. beef and purchases all its beef from South America, with implications the product is unsafe. The message calls for a boycott of McDonald’s to protest the restaurant chain’s supposed practice of importing all its beef.

The story, of course, is completely untrue. McDonald’s, like other U.S. restaurant chains, probably does at times import some beef, particularly lean trimmings, but also purchases huge quantities of U.S. beef.

For more on the history of this persistent rumor, and an explanation of ground-beef procurement and processing, read this release from the Beef Checkoff.