This report presents USDA’s initial assessment of U.S. and  world crop supply and demand prospects and U.S. prices for the  2009/2010 season. Also presented are the first calendar-year 2010  projections of U.S. livestock, poultry, and dairy products. Projections  reflect economic analysis, normal weather,  trends, and judgment. 

Because spring planting is still underway in the Northern Hemisphere  and remains several months away in the Southern Hemisphere, these  projections are highly tentative.  National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) forecasts are used for U.S. winter wheat area, yield, and production. For other U.S. crops, the March 31 NASS Prospective  Plantings report is used for planted acreage.  Methods used to project  harvested acreage and yield are noted on each table.

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Source: USDA