KANSAS CITY (Dow Jones)--Nebraska's fed cattle trading continues to work its way out with an estimated 15,000 head sold for the week at mostly $155 to $156 per hundredweight on a dressed basis.

Some trades also were reported in Nebraska at $96 to $97 on a live basis.

Trading elsewhere was considered to be completed for the week. Cattle sold this week at $96 to mostly $97.50 to $98 on a live basis and at $154.50 to $155 in dressed markets.

Futures markets were pressured Thursday morning by a higher U.S. dollar in currency markets, a lower Dow Jones Industrial Average and lower crude oil prices, brokers and analysts said. Pressure was linked to a higher jobless claims.

Gold also was lower, which concerned some who felt traders were digging into their gold reserves to offset losses in other investments.

More trading was expected to take place in Nebraska during the day Thursday. The week's action could be done by the end of the day.

Cattle traded last week at mostly $100 on a live basis and at mostly $163 on a dressed basis.

The HedgersEdge packer margin index is a plus $28.65 per head, compared with the previous index of a plus $33.95.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reported its latest choice boxed beef composite carcass price at $167.91 per hundredweight, down $0.97, while select beef was off $1.32 at $162.97. The volume of fabricated loads was 190 and there were 97 loads of trimmings and coarse grind product reported.

Urner Barry's Yellow Sheet said carcass cutouts continued to be pressured by diminishing loin and boneless beef values, and sellers continued to search for prices that will clear spot supplies. Ground beef values remained very strong with prices historically high.

-By Lester Aldrich, Dow Jones Newswires; 913-322-5179; lester.aldrich@dowjones.com