The increase in Canadian slaughter cattle imports seen early in the first quarter has been shifting in recent weeks to feeder cattle imports. While first-quarter Canadian
cow imports were nearly 30 percent higher year-over-year, due to increased U.S. demand for processing beef and reduced beef imports, AMS weekly reports for April show feeder cattle imports the largest since April 2009. Prices between Southern Alberta and Nebraska 700-800 and 800-900 pound feeder steers began widening late in March to a U.S.-Canadian price differential not seen since January 2009. Imports of feeder cattle from Mexico demonstrated a strong surge beginning in March, which should carry over into the second quarter. In line with current Nebraska feeder price trends, Mexican producers are also receiving a high price at the border. The Las Cruces price for imported feeders in April averaged $112.20 per hundredweight (cwt) for 400-500 pound steers and $106.90 per cwt for 500-600
pound steers, prices not seen since September 2008.

Source: ERS/USDA