Acclaimed Singer / Songwriter Brenn Hill is saying "thanks" in December to the people who put food on his table by donating $5 from the purchase of any of his albums to the United States Cattlemen's Association (USCA).

"This organization represents the folks across this country who take care of the land. I feel that USCA fits the fundamental values of my music, so working with this group seemed to make perfect sense," said Hill. "I find myself thinking sometimes about how I can help ranchers and farmers, and I thought this would be a small step toward letting them know how much I appreciate everything they do."

"Brenn's a big supporter of U.S. ranchers and farmers," said Jess Peterson of the USCA. "He's committed to making a difference, both through assistance with fundraising and with his outreach to his followers.

"If there's one thing that this world could use more of," Peterson continued, "it's better western music and better profits for ranchers and farmers. Brenn is doing his part for American agriculture and we are most grateful. Now more than ever agriculture needs a spokesperson that exudes our values and work ethic. Brenn is the perfect fit and USCA is honored to partner with him to promote good music and advocacy for proactive agricultural policy."

Hill burst on the Western Music scene a decade ago and quickly became known as the "next voice of the American West." As an artist, Hill continues to help the genre evolve though his keen insights into the ever-changing view of our national hero, the cowboy. Equine, his latest release, is garnering tremendous response from fans, peers and music critics alike. For information, visit