Secretary of Agriculture Ann M. Veneman today announced 39 appointments to the Cattlemen's Beef Promotion and Research Board. All appointees will serve three year terms beginning Feb. 6, 2005.

"I am pleased that these individuals have agreed to provide their time and expertise to serve on this board," Veneman said.

The board is composed of 108 members representing 35 States, four units and importers. USDA selects appointees from cattle producers and importers nominated by organizations representing beef, dairy, veal and importer interests.

Appointed members representing cattle producers by state and unit are:

S. Wayne Thames, Alabama; Al G. Wright, Arkansas; Virginia K. Coelho and David R. Albers, California; Michael A. Thoren, Colorado; Louis E. Larson Jr., Florida; Carl G. Crabtree, Idaho; Dave W. Bateman, Illinois; Virginia W. Davis, Indiana; Daniel F. Petersen and William F. Carroll, Iowa; Dana R. Hauck and Glenda J. Fuller, Kansas; Al W. Pedigo, Kentucky; Doug O. Dickmann, Minnesota; O.D. Cope and A. Loretta Broderick, Missouri; Carol M. Mosher, Montana; Ross D. Garwood and Doris L. Rush, Nebraska; Donald H. Gray, New York; Jeff L. Dahl, North Dakota; Frank J. Phelps, Ohio; Mike E. Brooks and Terry L. Detrick, Oklahoma; Peggy J. Biaggi, Oregon; Glenn D. Eberly, Pennsylvania; Merrill Karlen Jr., South Dakota; Robert D. Fugate, Tennessee; Sharon G. Spenrath, J. Jay O'Brien, Austin E. Brown III, C.R. Sherron, and Richard J. Hodge, Texas; Bobby Lee Combs, Virginia; William L. Ehrke, Wisconsin; Neil C. Kayser, Northwest Unit; and Robert Q. Foutain Jr., Southeast Unit.

Appointed to represent importers is Donald E. Stewart.

The 108 member board is authorized by the Beef Promotion and Research Act of 1985. USDA's Agricultural Marketing Service monitors operation of the board.