MidwestAGnet reports a dairy farm received $5 million in damages after the jury agreed old power lines killed cows and decreased milk production on the farm.

The Bollant family said underground currents from old power lines damaged farm profits and will be paid by Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative. The Bollant family started its dairy business in 1956 but has been farming for over a century. Steve Bollant said he was about to shut down the farm when the problems started after moving cows to a new barn on the property.

Bollant said he’s lost hundreds of cows and gallons of bad milk, veterinarian bills totaled between $12,000 and $17,000 in some months. The Bollant family hired experts to take a look at the problem. They found stray voltage was going into the ground instead of completing a circuit. They found 96% of the electricity was going into the ground and going to the barn.

After the co-op incorrectly fixed the problem, electricity was hurting the cows and workers in the barn. The problem was corrected in 2008.

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Source: www.MidwestAGNet.com