On 3/30/2010, the Woodward County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a rancher in northeast Woodward County, north of the town of Quinlan. The rancher advised there had been an attempted theft of 13 head of calves from his ranch. An employee went to feed cattle that morning shortly after 8:00 am, and observed a red 4-door Chevrolet pickup pulling a white Titan GN trailer with a brown stripe along the top, bearing Kansas tags. The employee observed two individuals attempting to load the calves into the trailer. When they saw the employee, they drove off leaving the gate of the trailer open, allowing the calves to escape.

The pickup was driven by a white male wearing a cowboy hat, and the passenger was an Hispanic male. Both suspects were in their late twenties or early thirties. As the suspects were leaving, the passenger leaned over the top of the truck and fired three rounds at the employee with a rifle. The employee also had a rifle and fired two rounds at the truck, possibly striking it.

The truck left heading north toward Waynoka, Oklahoma.

Dewey County, Oklahoma - Cattle Theft
On 3/30/2010, thieves reportedly coaxed 15 head of cattle into a corral with feed. Thirteen head were then loaded into a trailer, leaving two three hundred pound heifers. The suspect trailer is believed to be a 24’ or longer GN trailer pulled by a one-ton truck, possibly a dually. The loss was discovered around 9:00 am, and evidence at the scene indicated the theft occurred within hours of the discovery.

It is unknown at this time if there is a connection between these two incidents.

Any information is known, regarding these incidents; please contact Special Agent Donnie Crain, Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Investigative Services, phone 405-416-0617, case number CY10-053.

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