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Beef and Pork Variety Meats Report

NW_LS440   ***Correction on Friday Tripe****

Des Moines, IA     Mon, May 19, 2014     USDA Market News


Carlot Basis - Dollars/hundredweight - as of 3:00 PM.

BEEF VARIETY MEATS - FROZEN ---------------------------------------

           Items                 Lds      Price Range        Wtd Avg

CHEEK MEAT,trmd, 70-75% lean                      172.00      172.00 C


FEET,     nails off, skin on                       52.00       52.00 A

HEAD MEAT,       60-70% lean            125.00 -  130.00      127.50 C


HEARTS,    regular, bone out

        regular,bone-out exp                       64.00       64.00 A

KIDNEYS,              export

LIPS,              unscalded

LIVERS,      selected, 2/box

     selected, 2/box, export

              regular, 2/box

      regular, export, 2/box

OXTAILS, selected, small box

SWEETBREADS,        domestic


TONGUES,Individually Wrapped

Swiss-Cut#1,Wht,0-3% trm,Exp

Swiss-Cut#1,Blk,0-3% trm,Exp

                Swiss-Cut #2

TRIPAS,             domestic


TRIPE,       scalded, edible

     scalded, edible, export                    ***82.00       82.00 A***

 scalded, unbleached, export

         honeycomb, bleached


-------------- BEEF PET FOODS - FOB SUPPLY POINT ------------------

QUARTERLY CONTRACTS:                   FRESH             BOXED FROZEN

 GULLETS-TRACHEA                       16.00-31.00

 KIDNEYS, inedible                     12.00-15.00

 LIVERS,     "                         11.00-11.50

 LUNGS,      "                         4.75-5.00

 MELTS,      "                         5.00-5.50

 SALIVARY GLANDS                       13.00-20.75

PORK VARIETY MEATS - FROZEN ---------------------------------------

          Items                  Lds      Price Range        Wtd Avg

CHEEK MEAT           trimmed                      127.00      127.00 A

CHITTERLINGS,    10 lb. pail

EARS, Pet Treat,      3-4/lb

EARS,          edible export

HEARTS,    slashed, domestic       3.0   54.00 -   56.00       54.67

      single slashed, export                       52.00       52.00 E

       multi slashed, export

               whole, export

KIDNEYS,   small box, export

LIVERS,  large box, domestic

SALIVARY GLANDS,                                   47.00       47.00 D

SNOUTS,         partial lean                       58.75       58.75 C

         partial lean w/mask

STOMACHS, scalded, small box                      135.00      135.00 E

  scalded, small box, export


      green, bnls, small box

     green, bnls, tip-on exp

           scalded & scraped

UTERI                                              65.00       65.00 A


QUARTERLY CONTRACTS:                   DOMESTIC          Export

BELLY SKINS, SELECTED            Skin prices will no longer be shown on this

FATBACK SKINS, SELECTED          report. Instead, skin prices will appear one

BUTT PLATE SKINS, SELECTED  THK  week each quarter on the LM_PK630.  Skin

HAM SKINS, HOUSE RUN             prices appeared on this Out Front Report for

PICNIC SKINS, HOUSE RUN          the first time on Monday, Jan. 20, 2014.


-------------- PORK PET FOODS - FOB SUPPLY POINT ------------------

QUARTERLY CONTRACTS:                   FRESH             BOXED FROZEN

 KIDNEYS, inedible                     7.00-7.00

 LIVERS,     "                         12.00-15.00

 LUNGS,                                3.00-6.00

 MELTS,      "                         5.00-5.25

ABCDE after quotes represents days since last actual market

test.  Quotes are dropped after 5 days of no test or before

if they no longer reflect current market conditions.

Source:  USDA Market News Service, Des Moines, IA

         Nina Biensen  515-284-4460

         24 Hour recorded market information 515-284-4830

1515C    nb

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