The CattleBoard: Live & Feeder Cattle Fall Lower

Live cattle dropped 40 cents lower to $108.80 with feeder cattle close behind, down 30 cents to $127.00. Boxed beef fell 90 cents to $171.91.

The CattleBoard: Live Cattle Falls, Boxed Beef & Feeder Cattle Higher

Live cattle fell 18 cents lower to $109.20. Feeder cattle and corn both improve, reaching 27-day highs. Boxed beef continues higher, increasing by $1.26 to $172.81.

The CattleBoard: Boxed Beef & Carcass Price Soar

Boxed beef reached a 27-day high Monday, improving by $1.82 to $171.55. The beef carcass price also jumped higher, up $1.19 to $159.27. The cutter cow cutout fell lower, dropping 7 cents to $141.55.

The CattleBoard: Feeder Cattle & Corn Move Higher, Live Cattle Falls

Boxed beef improves by 73 cents to $169. 73. Feeder cattle improves 70 cents even as corn fell 6 cents to $6.49. Beef carcass prices surge higher, up $1.95 to $158.08.

The CattleBoard: Boxed Beef & Corn Prices Continue To Rise

Boxed beef prices continue to set new highs each day, increasing by 41 cents Thursday to $169.00. Corn prices also increased, up 12 cents to $6.43. The cutter cow cutout reached a new 27-day high by increasing $1.23 to $141.42.

The CattleBoard: Beef, Cattle & Corn Prices Rocket Higher

Live cattle prices improve by $1.75 to $110.20. Boxed beef also jumps higher by more than a dollar, increasing by $1.17 to $168.59. Corn was unchanged Tuesday, but move 24 cents higher to $6.31.

The CattleBoard: Live & Feeder Cattle Higher, Cattle Slaugher Increases

Live cattle prices jumped $1.50 higher to $108.45 and feeder cattle improved by $1.15 to $123.45. Boxed beef prices and the choice/select spread also moved higher Tuesday.

The CattleBoard: Cattle & Corn Prices Recover, Start Week Higher

Live cattle rebounded Monday, increasing by 57 cents to $106.95. Feeder cattle started the week 70 cents higher even as corn moved back above $6. Boxed beef improved by 65 cents to $166.48.

The CattleBoard: Cattle, Boxed Beef & Corn Prices Drop

Live cattle closes the week at $106.38. Feeder cattle fell 33 cents lower to $121.60 even as corn dropped 7 cents to $5.95. Boxed beef dropped for the second day in a row, down 47 cents to $165.83.

Corn Prices Finish The Year On Fire

The U.S. average corn price increased for the sixth consecutive month as prices climbed $0.39 to $4.94 per bushel. The average corn price is $1.05 above its 10 month average. North Dakota and Wisconsin posted the largest increases throughout the country.

Dairy Products Prices Highlights: Cheddar Cheese & Nonfat Dry Milk Prices Up

Dry Whey prices received for bag, tote, and tanker sales meeting USDA Extra Grade standards averaged 39.0 cents per pound for the week ending January 1, 2011. The US price per pound increased 0.8 cents from the previous week. FULL STORY »

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