State Of Oklahoma Wtd Avg Cattle Summary

KO_LS794 Oklahoma City, OK Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-OK Dept Ag Market News Oklahoma Combined Weekly Auction Summary. Feeder Cattle Weighted Average Report and Cow and Bull Report for Week of 9/12-18/2014 Receipts: 27,164 Last Week: 29,672 Last Year: 26,583 Combined FULL STORY »

CO Daily Wtd Avg Direct Slaughter Cattle - Negotiated Sales

LM_CT128 St Joseph, MO Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA Market News COLORADO DAILY WEIGHTED AVERAGE CATTLE REPORT - NEGOTIATED PURCHASES (Includes all transactions regardless of delivery day) Recap for: Thursday, 9/18/2014 Confirmed: None Week Ago: None Last Year: FULL STORY »

Cullman Stockyard

MG_LS154 Montgomery, AL Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-AL Dept of Ag Market News Cullman, AL Weighted Average Report for 09/18/2014 Receipts: 1352 Last Week: 1212 Year Ago: 1549 Compared to last week: Slaughter cows sold 1.00-3.00 lower, bulls sold 2.00-3.00 lower. Feeder bulls FULL STORY »

Decatur Stockyard

MG_LS156 Montgomery, AL Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-AL Dept of Ag Market News ***Market not reported this week. Below is the last report issued at Decatur, AL for 09/11/2014*** Receipts: 435 Last Week: 531 Year Ago: 505 Compared to a week ago: Slaughter cows sold 1.00 to 2.00 FULL STORY »

Torrington Livestock Commission

TO_GR325 Torrington, Wyoming Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-WY Dept of Ag Market News Valley Video Internet Timed Hay Auction Wednesday and Thursday, September 17-18, 2014 This Week: 1736 Ton Offered Two Weeks Ago: 2687 Ton FULL STORY »

Rockingham, VA Feeder Cattle Wtd Avg

RH_LS757 Richmond, VA Fri Sep 19, 2014 VA Dept of Ag-USDA Market News Rockingham, VA Feeder Holstein Steer Sale State Graded Weighted Average for Sep 18 2014 Holstein Feeder Cattle 1069 On-Farm Cattle 167 (Holstein Steers 167) Feeder Holstein Steers Large FULL STORY »

Ozark Livestock Auction AR

LR_LS126 Little Rock, AR Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-AR Dept of Ag Market News I-40 Livestock, Ozark, AR Weighted Average Report for Thursday Sep 18, 2014 Cattle Receipts: 1215 Last week: 600 Last year: NR Compared to last week: Slaughter cows sold 1.00 lower. Slaughter FULL STORY »

Georgia Cattle Auctions Daily Summary

TV_LS140 Thomasville, GA Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-GA Dept of AG Market News Georgia Cattle Auctions Daily Summary Georgia Livestock Auctions that were held Thursday Sep 18, 2014 Cattle auctions at Americus (284), Calhoun (787), Greensboro (389) and Thomaston (152). Receipts Thursday FULL STORY »

SC Livestock Weekly Review

CO_LS145 Columbia, SC Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-SC Dept of Ag Market News Saluda, Williamston, Chesnee, Chester, Orangeburg, SC Report for the Week Ending Friday Sep 19, 2014 Cattle Receipts: 3348 Last week: 3974 Last year: 3516 Compared to last week, feeder FULL STORY »

Tulia, TX Auction

AM_LS126 Amarillo, TX Fri Sep 18, 2014 USDA Market News Tulia Livestock Auction, Inc. - Tulia, TX - Thursday - 09/19/2014 Receipts: 1253 Last Week: 1412 Year Ago: 1103 Compared to last week: Feeder steers and heifers sold steady to 2.00 higher on comparable sales. FULL STORY »

Dalhart , TX Auction

AM_LS120 Amarillo, Texas Fri Sep 19, 2014 USDA-TX Dept of Ag Market News Cattleman's Livestock Auction - Dalhart, TX Feeder Cattle Narrative Report for Thursday 09/18/2014 Cattle and Calves: 961 Week ago: 1249 FULL STORY »

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