NBC affiliate KJRH reports the latest cattle theft includes 40 head of cattle costing two ranchers in Talala, Oklahoma over $100,000.

The rustlers stole one fourth of Marshall Perkins and Benny Hannon’s herd in Rogers County last weekend. The ranchers suspected the cattle were stolen when they saw trailer tracks leading to the open cattle pens.

The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture reports 2,000 cattle were stolen from 78 owners in 2009. On average each is worth $800 but Perkins and Hannon’s cattle are worth more because they are raised for use as bucking bulls at rodeos. According to Perkins, one bull was valued at $14,000.

The chances of recovering the cattle are slim because proof of ownership is not required to sell cattle. Perkins and Hannon hope someone recognizes the brand marks or ear tags on the animals. The Rogers County Sheriff has told residents to keep an eye out for suspicious activity or new faces around town.

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Source: www.KJRH.com