U.S. sorghum production for 2010/11 is estimated at 345 million bushels, up 7 million from last month but down 38 million from 2009/10. The upward revision to this year’s production is based on increased harvested acreage. Harvested acreage is increased 150,000 acres to 4.8 million. The average sorghum yield is 71.8 bushels per acres, down 0.7 bushels per acre from last month but up 2.4 bushels from the previous year.

Forecast sorghum feed and residual use for 2010/11 is increased 20 million bushels this month. At 110 million bushels, this year’s feed and residual use is down from 140 million bushels last year. Food, seed, and industrial use remains unchanged this month at 90 million bushels. Exports are lowered 10 million bushels to 150 million based on increased domestic use. With increased use more than offsetting the increases in supplies, ending stocks for 2010/11 are projected 2 million bushels lower to 37 million.

The season average farm price is projected 20 cents higher on both ends of the range to $5.10 to $5.90 per bushel. Prices received by producers have risen since the start of the marketing year, supported by rising values for corn.

Source: USDA/ERS