Yahoo Health reports foot-and-mouth disease continues to hurt the southwestern island of Kyushu in Japan by infecting one of only six bulls used to breed highly desired “Miyazaki beef.”

The six top stud bulls are used to artificially breed 90 percent of the Kyushu region. Common practice calls for livestock in the area to be culled, but the top bulls were evacuated from the area and monitored when the outbreak was first discovered on April 20. The virus has destroyed the beef and pork industry in Japan and led to the slaughtering of over 200,000 pigs and cattle.

The top bull was immediately slaughtered once its FMD infection was confirmed. The five remaining bulls are used to produce Japan’s famed “Wagyu” beef, known for its intense marbling with mostly unsaturated fat. The FMD outbreak has prompted Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama to give over a billion dollars to help farmers with affected livestock.

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