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Feeding margins show slight improvement, packer margins solid

Losses continue to mount for cattle feeders, though some improvement was found on closeouts last week. Beef packers posted solid profits, as did pork producers and pork packers. FULL STORY »

Margins: still a wreck, but minor improvement; packers tidy

Feedyards found some improvement to their margins last week, but the red ink continues to flow. Packers added $10 per head to their profits. Pork producers are finding solid profits on strong cash sales. FULL STORY »

Feedyard margins a train wreck, packers cozy

Cattle feeding margins continue to erode as cash prices slip again. Beef packers enjoy healthy profits. Pork producer margins gain as negotiated cash sales improve nearly $5 per hundredweight for the week. FULL STORY »

Packer margins hefty, feeding margins ugly

Profit margins for beef packers eased lower last week, and losses for cattle feeders were slightly less, but it’s clear that packers hold the market leverage at this point. FULL STORY »

Packer margins jump higher, feeding margins bleak

Higher wholesale beef prices helped drive beef packer margins significantly higher last week, but cattle feeding margins saw only minimal improvement. Average pork producer margins remain positive. FULL STORY »

Cattle feeding losses exceed $100, packers in the black

Profit margins for cattle feeders and beef packers moved in opposite directions last week, thanks to lower cash fed cattle prices and rising wholesale beef prices. Pork producer margins moved into positive territory with higher cash sales. FULL STORY »

Feeding margins take a step backwards, packing margins improve

Cattle feeding margins declined last week as a result of higher feeder cattle prices at the time of placement and higher feed costs during the feeding period. FULL STORY »

Feeding, packing margins continue improvement

Cattle feeding margins improved for the second consecutive week as cash cattle prices rallied $2 per hundredweight. Pork producers also found improving margins on higher cash bids. FULL STORY »

Margins improve for cattle feeders, packers

Cattle feeding margins improved last week as total feeding costs recorded a $40 per head decline. Pork producers found their margins virtually unchanged despite a decline in negotiated prices. FULL STORY »

Losses increase for cattle feeders and packers

Cattle feeders and beef packers continue to struggle with heavy losses. Both saw their margins take another hit last week as boxed beef prices decline. Pork producers saw their margins improve modestly. FULL STORY »

Cattle feeding margins improve, packer margins slip

Cattle feeding margins improved $30 per head last week, but cattle feeders continue to struggle with heavy losses. Beef packer margins eroded as cash cattle bids were $1 per hundredweight higher. Pork producer margins improved modestly. FULL STORY »

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