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Breeding techniques for cow-calf producers Play video

We visit OSU's North Range to learn about synchronized artificial insemination for the entire herd. FULL STORY »

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Cow-calf corner: Body condition score affects on calving Play video

Glenn Selk discusses the importance of body condition scores as we move through calving season and into breeding season. FULL STORY »

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High-altitude disease in cattle at lower elevations Play video

Although it is commonly known as “high-altitude disease,” bovine pulmonary hypertension (BPH) can occur in cattle at lower elevations. Joe Neary MA, MS, VetMB, has focused much of his research on BPH and outlines some of the latest thinking on factors involved in the condition. FULL STORY »

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Serious agriculture points from a comedian Play video

Damian Mason, a comedian with agricultural roots and a strong point of view about telling the story of American agriculture, entertained and educated attendees of the American Society of Agricultural Consultants. FULL STORY »

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Tours ramp up at Kuner Feedlot Play video

Kuner Feedlot, one of 12 in the JBS Five Rivers group, averages more than 100 tours per year. General Manager Nolan Stone talks about why they open their facility up. FULL STORY »

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Peterson Farm Bros. nail Katy Perry ‘Roar’ parody Play video

The Peterson Farm Bros. are back with another hit parody. FULL STORY »

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Kim Brackett discusses millennials and the Beef Checkoff Play video

Kim Brackett, Cattlemen's Beef Board vice chair, discusses the importance of this new audience of millennials and how the beef checkoff can impact their purchasing decisions into the future. FULL STORY »

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Cow-calf corner: Hay feeding for winter-stressed cattle Play video

Glenn Selk looks at the importance of slowly introducing nitrate-rich hay to winter stressed cattle. FULL STORY »

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Video series addresses “superbugs” in meat and poultry products Play video

Consumers aware of food safety issues may worry about “superbugs,” but the bacterium resistant to all antibiotics that can cause a foodborne illness is rare according to the latest Meat MythCrusher video. FULL STORY »

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Higher price obligates better beef Play video

Market analyst Dan Basse talks about the reversal in profit potential among grain and cattle producers and what that means in the next few years. FULL STORY »

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Perspective in data interpretation Play video

At the NIAA conference on antibiotic resistance, Guy Loneragan, DVM, from Texas Tech University, summarizes a joint presentation he conducted with Morgan Scott, DVM, PhD, with Kansas State University. FULL STORY »

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