USMEF Report: U.S. beef exports to Europe growing faster than expected

In mid-2009, the United States and the European Union struck an agreement that defused the tension over beef from cattle raised with growth promotants. FULL STORY »

EU talks on banning food from cloned animals fail

European Union negotiators on Tuesday abandoned widely popular new legislation that would have banned cloning animals to produce food after all-night talks bogged down in disagreement. FULL STORY »

EU links rising food prices to commodities speculation

Agence France-Presse reports the European Commission acknowledged a link between commodities speculation and volatility in food prices. FULL STORY »

German Agriculture Minister Vows Tougher Controls

Germany's agriculture minister says the country is planning to increase controls on livestock feed and groceries in reaction to the dioxin-tainted food scandal that let to the closure of thousands of farms selling eggs, poultry and pork. FULL STORY »

Germany To Up Feed Controls After Dioxin Scandal

Germany will tighten quality controls for the production of livestock feed after illegal levels of a cancer-causing chemical were found in poultry and pork products, officials said Friday, as the country struggled to restore confidence in its products. FULL STORY »

Germany Kills Hundreds Of Dioxin-Contaminated Pigs

German authorities ordered hundreds of pigs slaughtered Tuesday after tests showed high levels of a cancer-causing chemical for the first time in swine, as the nation's dioxin scandal widened beyond poultry and eggs.

Germany Lifts Dioxin-Related Bans On 3,050 Farms

German agricultural officials lifted a sales ban Monday for 3,050 of the farms closed after livestock feed was tainted with dioxin and met with feed producers to find the source of the contamination. FULL STORY »

Sales From 4,700 German Farms Halted Over Dioxins

German authorities have stopped more than 4,700 farms from selling their meat and eggs as a precautionary measure after animal feed was found to be contaminated with cancer-causing chemicals. FULL STORY »

Video: Inbicon Biomass Refinery Producing The New Ethanol In 2010 Play video

Inbicon is declaring Energy Independence Day for Planet Earth as the first Inbicon Biomass Refinery swings into operation. It turns wheat straw into 1.4 million gallons a year of cellulosic ethanol, making it the largest producer of cellulosic ethanol in the world.

USMEF Audio Report: Duty-Free Quota Boosts Opportunities For U.S. Beef In Europe

The European Union’s recent opening of a new, zero-duty quota for high-quality beef has created expanded opportunities for U.S. beef producers and suppliers. The quota, which came into force in August, allows for 20,000 metric tons of high-quality beef at an in-quota tariff of zero.

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