Busting Beef Myths:  Tired of hearing unsubstantiated complaints about beef safety? So help us bust another myth by sharing the FACTS!

MYTH: I don't trust the safety of our beef supply because there are no guidelines in place for slaughter and inspection.

FACTS: Every segment of the American beef industry works hard -- and spends a total of more than $550 million a year -- to maintain one of the safest beef supplies in the world! The USDA Federal Safety Inspection Service is required by law to provide inspections of all federally regulated beef establishments -- without which the company cannot process cattle for beef. If any beef fails inspection, it is condemned and does not enter the beef supply. REMEMBER, too, that consumers also play a critical role in beef safety, like keeping products refrigerated, keeping surfaces clean, and using a meat thermometer to ensure cooking to the proper temperature. Learn more at FactsaboutBeef.com and SHARE this message!