BeefTalk: The transition zone not a good calving time

In all aspects of life, there always is a transition zone. In the cattle business, one of the most obvious transitions is winter to spring. FULL STORY »

BRD risk categorization for feeder calves - part 2

BRD is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality through the first 30 days following arrival to feeding programs. As widely documented in research and field reports, calves meeting the criteria of “high-risk” experience increased disease incidence, costs, and profit losses. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Where are the elders?

In the world of beef production, all management directives are designed to maintain and improve the herd. Each cow, bull and calf is essential. Calving time serves to illustrate the strong desire and need to focus on each cow and calf. FULL STORY »

Cold weather affecting spring-born calves

The recent below-normal temperatures in eastern North Dakota could have negative impacts on this spring's calf crop into the fall weaning season. FULL STORY »

Disease and animal health diagnosis

Calving season is well underway and the typical questions about abortions, calf scours, and other problems have been asked. FULL STORY »

Spring storms and cold stress

Cold stress with cattle is often associated with below zero temperatures. In reality, cattle that are adapted to the cold conditions found in northern plains winters can function and perform well under a wide range of conditions. FULL STORY »

Nutrition can impact pregnancy rates in heifers and cows

How much does nutrition impact the reproductive rates of cattle? According to Dr. Rick Funston, UNL Beef Reproductive Specialist, “The nutritional status of animals is difficult to measure, and this complicates interpretation of nutrition x reproduction interactions." FULL STORY »

Proper injection sites to remember at calf-working time

The months of April and May are traditionally the months when “spring round-ups” take place. This is the time that large and small cow/calf operations schedule the “working” of the calves. FULL STORY »

Cryptosporidia: A cause of illness in calves and people too

One of the germs that contributes to calf scours cases is cryptosporidia, or “crypto”. Crypto is a one-celled protozoa that is normally present in small numbers in the digestive tract of cows and calves. FULL STORY »

Alternative weaning dates for fall-calving cows

Oklahoma State University animal scientists evaluated weaning dates of 158 Angus fall-calving cows over a 4 year period. FULL STORY »

How do your cows look?

Calving season is upon us and how do your cows look? Are they are on the thin side or in good body condition? Has the winter been tough on them? Has your pre-calving nutrition program been adequate? FULL STORY »

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