Another look at fall versus spring calving

As cow herd managers monitor the pasture conditions this spring and make decisions about rebuilding a depleted cow herd, some may wish to rethink the time of year that breeding and calving take place. FULL STORY »

As the temperature rises, so do water requirements

Water is the most important nutrient for general animal wellbeing. If water intake drops below required levels, then decreased feed conversion, stressed cattle and dehydration will result. FULL STORY »

Producers should guard against heat stress in cattle

Old Man Winter held on longer than usual this year, but now summertime temperatures are taking hold, providing ample reason for cattle producers to guard against heat stress in their herds. FULL STORY »

Minimize disease outbreaks in young calves with biosecurity plans

Beef producers utilizing veterinarians to develop biosecurity plans are less likely to experience disease outbreaks on their farm. FULL STORY »

Creep feeding considerations

Calf growth rate and weaning weight are important benchmarks in determining performance and profitability of cow/calf enterprises. FULL STORY »

Early summer deworming of nursing calves

Five deworming trials were conducted at the Eastern Research Station located near Haskell, Oklahoma during the 1990’s. Crossbred cows and their Charolais sired calves were sorted by sex of calf, calf age and cow age, then randomly allotted to one of four treatments. FULL STORY »

Shade can keep cattle cool and help save sensitive water habitats

Shade not only helps cattle stay cool in the summer months, but also helps preserve the quality of sensitive habitats around ponds and streams. FULL STORY »

Dealing with calf scours Play video

University of Tennessee veterinarian David E Anderson, DVM, MS, discusses prevention and control of calf scours with Marc Caldwell, DVM. FULL STORY »

Developing a marketing plan to capture value for your calves

You can’t capitalize on what you don’t market. A sound marketing strategy allows a producer to capture added value in a group of calves. FULL STORY »

Calf implants: Use/don’t use at grass time?

While the performance benefits of implanting calves through the suckling phase is well documented, many cattlemen choose not to employ this management practice in their operations. FULL STORY »

Short term calf removal

Short-term calf removal is the term that describes the temporary physical separation of the calf from its mother. FULL STORY »

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