Calving Time

The third stage of calving: Shedding of fetal membranes

The process of “calving” or parturition in beef cattle is defined by three stages. Stage I occurs about 4 to 24 hours prior to calving. FULL STORY »

Cow calf management: February timely tips

Check these management tips to help your cattle herd through the colder February weather. FULL STORY »

Calving difficulties: Knowing what to look for

According to the NAHMS Beef 2007-08 Research data, “Calves born dead accounted for nearly half of calf losses (44.5 percent) during the first 6 months of 2008 and another 13.5 percent of losses occurred in the first 24 hours following birth.” FULL STORY »

Frostbite in newborn calves

When those frigid stretches of winter coincide with calving time, completely new sets of problems present themselves for the cow-calf producer striving to get calves off to a good start. FULL STORY »

Cow calf corner: Calf scours data Play video

In Cow-Calf Corner this week, Glenn Selk explains the causes of calf scours among a herd. FULL STORY »

List of supplies and equipment for calving time

Calving time is just around the corner, or maybe it’s begun already. Do you have your supplies ready? FULL STORY »

Prepare before you pull (that difficult birth)

Before applying the obstetrical chains to "pull" a calf during a difficult birth, a proper analysis of the situation must be made. FULL STORY »

Signs of impending calving in cows or heifers

As the spring calving season approaches, the cows will show typical signs that will indicate parturition is imminent. FULL STORY »

Calving season: Nutrition is key for a healthy vibrant calf

This past fall’s weather was excellent for completing projects that in most years have to wind up by mid-November. FULL STORY »

Severity of winter and calf birth weights

Does the severity (coldness or mildness) of the winter have an impact on spring-born calf birth weights? FULL STORY »

Assuring newborn calf health during the spring calving season

K-State veterinarian Gregg Hanzlicek looks at assuring newborn calf health during the spring calving season, emphasizing the need for colostrum in ample quantity and quality for the calf. FULL STORY »

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