Calving Time

Cattle estrus detection

Successful AI programs frequently depend on accurate heat detection. Determining the onset of estrus is often improved by the use of heat detection aids and time observing cattle. FULL STORY »

Breeding soundness exams are important after hot summer

As everyone in Oklahoma is already aware, the summer of 2011 was a record-setter. Many areas of the state had 70 or more days with over 100 degrees. FULL STORY »

Preparing for the "second" calving season

The fall calving season is just around the corner for several producers around the state. While a minority of Ohio's cow-calf producers utilize fall calving as a management practice, there are several valid reasons to calve in this less traditional setting. FULL STORY »

Why is early castration of bull calves important?

In the United States, more than 17 million bulls are castrated yearly that range in age from 1 day to 1 year old. FULL STORY »

The shorter the better

The title of this article could apply to many things in our everyday life if you think about it. Something else that should fall in the "shorter the better" category for beef producers is the breeding season. FULL STORY »

Timely Tips: Managing your spring-calving cow herd

Follow these tips to care for your herd this spring. Get ready for a successful breeding season with your spring-calving herd. FULL STORY »

N. Colorado cold weather raising calf mortality rates

April showers have been bringing bad news to northwestern Colorado ranchers in the middle of calving season. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: Bulls furloughed until mid-July

The discussion of calving date is a real example of a question caught in the middle of long- and short-term planning for many beef producers. FULL STORY »

Calving ease: A trait we can all agree on

For the beef cow-calf producer, it may be the most exciting time of the year as we see the results of months of planning and anticipation of the new calf crop that is on the ground or soon to arrive. FULL STORY »

3 sets of twin calves born on ND ranch

Williston rancher Jim Buraw has raised cattle for a quarter-century and never had a cow that produced twins. FULL STORY »

Spring calving season mostly complete in Nebraska

About three-quarters of Nebraska's spring calving is done, and many farmers are getting ready to plant their crops. FULL STORY »

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