Did that calf get enough good quality colostrum?

Whether raising, buying or selling calves, producers should be concerned about the calf’s immune status, by knowing if they’re getting enough good quality colostrum. FULL STORY »

When should we give colostrum and what should we use?

When everything goes according to plan, a newborn calf will get up and drink his full dose of colostrum from his mother. But what if that doesn’t happen? FULL STORY »

Colostrum Part 2: When to feed and what to use

Our previous article described the factors that affect a newborn calf’s ability to gain the benefits of colostrum. When everything goes according to plan, that calf will get up and drink his full dose of colostrum from his mother. But what if that doesn’t happen? When should we intervene and feed the calf colostrum ourselves? FULL STORY »

Dealing with scours in newborn calves

K-State veterinarian Gregg Hanzlicek talks about fighting scours disease in newborn calves, and why input from a veterinarian is important when choosing a treatment product. FULL STORY »

Cow calf management: February timely tips

Check these management tips to help your cattle herd through the colder February weather. FULL STORY »

Colostrum is liquid gold for newborn calves

Colostrum makes the difference in life and death for calves. FULL STORY »

Colostrum: What makes it work for the calf?

By now, most beef producers recognize the importance of colostrum in helping calves get off to a healthy start in life. FULL STORY »

Calving season: Nutrition is key for a healthy vibrant calf

This past fall’s weather was excellent for completing projects that in most years have to wind up by mid-November. FULL STORY »

Assuring newborn calf health during the spring calving season

K-State veterinarian Gregg Hanzlicek looks at assuring newborn calf health during the spring calving season, emphasizing the need for colostrum in ample quantity and quality for the calf. FULL STORY »

Supplement or replacer - What's the difference

Although February and March are still a few weeks away, looking ahead to the spring calving season requires that producers be prepared for those situations where mother-nature needs a little boost. FULL STORY »

Preparing for the "second" calving season

The fall calving season is just around the corner for several producers around the state. While a minority of Ohio's cow-calf producers utilize fall calving as a management practice, there are several valid reasons to calve in this less traditional setting. FULL STORY »

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