Respiratory Ailments

The Relationship of Bovine Respiratory Disease & Carcass Ultrasound Measures

Bovine respiratory disease has been identified as an economically relevant trait which lacks selection tools to reduce post-weaning incidence. The lack of sufficient field morbidity data has been a major obstruction to development of tools for genetic improvement. FULL STORY »

Don't skip respiratory vaccines

No matter the type of operation, BRD can be difficult and costly for all producers to manage. FULL STORY »

Heritability Of Bovine Respiratory Disease

Groups of 1519 preweaned and 3277 feedlot cattle were used to study heritability of bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Across both groups, the sire of individuals was known. Preweaned calves came from one herd. FULL STORY »

Protecting More Calves From Respiratory Diseases

It soon will be time to "work" the spring-born calves. New research is available that suggests that the young calves may be vaccinated with products used for protection against the respiratory diseases (IBR and BVDV). FULL STORY »

Respiratory disease in calves and heifers

Early detection, rapid response and aggressive treatment are the keys to effectively treating bovine respiratory disease (BRD), more commonly known as pneumonia, says Tom Shelton, DVM, MS, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health. FULL STORY »

Hutches not immune to respiratory disease

Traditionally, grouping time is the peak of respiratory disease, says Tom Shelton, veterinarian and senior technical services specialist with Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health. FULL STORY »

Managing respiratory diseases in the herd

Year in and year out, diseases of the respiratory system are a major cause of illness and death in cattle from six weeks to two years of age, says Dr. Donald Montgomery, director of the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory. FULL STORY »

K-State researches bovine respiratory disease

Over the years, advances in biological, pharmaceutical and management systems have failed to eliminate the most common cause of post-weaning disease in cattle, Bovine Respiratory Disease Complex. FULL STORY »

Calf respiratory disease: SOPs or S.O.S?

Help your clients identify high-risk calves and manage those risks to keep respiratory disease at bay. FULL STORY »

A dairy producer’s view of respiratory disease

Bob Patrick, DVM, from Shamrock Animal Health Services Inc. in Georgia, says respiratory disease in dairy calves remains a large problem in the United States. FULL STORY »

What You Need to Know About Porcine Respiratory Disease

From my recent visits to intensive pig farms and conversations with other veterinarians, there appears to be a sharp increase in the number of porcine respiratory disease incidents over the past few months FULL STORY »

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