Weather Management

Producers should guard against heat stress in cattle

Old Man Winter held on longer than usual this year, but now summertime temperatures are taking hold, providing ample reason for cattle producers to guard against heat stress in their herds. FULL STORY »

BeefTalk: The transition zone not a good calving time

In all aspects of life, there always is a transition zone. In the cattle business, one of the most obvious transitions is winter to spring. FULL STORY »

Cold weather affecting spring-born calves

The recent below-normal temperatures in eastern North Dakota could have negative impacts on this spring's calf crop into the fall weaning season. FULL STORY »

Spring storms and cold stress

Cold stress with cattle is often associated with below zero temperatures. In reality, cattle that are adapted to the cold conditions found in northern plains winters can function and perform well under a wide range of conditions. FULL STORY »

Snow can present challenges for livestock

Spring is here, but parts of Missouri still aren’t through with winter weather. FULL STORY »

Born in a winter storm, newborn becomes “house calf”

While Thursday’s winter storm raged above and mud was churning below, a tiny calf came into the world sheltered only by his mother – at least until Doug Russell of Greenwood found him. FULL STORY »

Hypothermia & newborn calves

Whether you are a dairy producer who calves year round, a beef producer who may calve early, or if you have a calf that is born under less-than-desirable conditions, hypothermia is something that we need to be concerned about, especially this time of year. FULL STORY »

Q & A: Lower critical temperatures for newborn calves

Calving: what an exciting time of year! The “crop” for the next year is hitting the ground, the green grass is growing, and we are enjoying the season of new beginnings well-rested and enthusiastic about ranching, or at least this is how we see it playing out in our dreams. FULL STORY »

Study finds spring calving more likely if barometer on the rise

Beef cattle due in the spring are more likely to give birth when the barometer is on the rise, but warm temperatures are more likely to be a birth trigger for beef cows due in the fall. FULL STORY »

Dealing with cold stress in cattle

When temperatures plunge into the single digits and the winds howl, people pile on the outerwear and look for warm food and beverages to help ease the chill. FULL STORY »

Taking care of young calves in cold weather

This week has brought very cold temperatures to Michigan. Calves need extra care in these conditions to stay healthy. FULL STORY »

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