Preventing BRDC

Decreasing bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC) in feedlot cattle can decrease mortality and morbidity as well as reduce treatment and subclinical costs of the disease. Cattle free from respiratory disease have improved performance including better average daily and gain and feed conversion. Chris Chase, DVM, PhD, South Dakota State University, says management factors that go along with preventing BRDC include eliminating stress factors where possible. Recognize the “critical period” for disease detection – the three weeks that follow weaning, placing on feed and shipping of cattle. FULL STORY »

Stress and BRDC

Bovine respiratory disease complex (BRDC) is the most significantly infectious disease in cattle, and is exacerbated by stress. FULL STORY »

Value of data analysis when receiving stockers

During the course of conducting grazing research at the Noble Foundation, we routinely receive and “straighten out” stocker cattle. FULL STORY »

November beef management calendar

Remember to follow these beef cattle management tips as temperatures get colder. FULL STORY »

Help new cattle adapt to the feedlot

Evaluating incoming feedlot cattle and helping them adapt can get them off to a good start. FULL STORY »

Making the most of weaning

The first 30-45 days after a calf is weaned is perhaps the most stressful period of its life. Good performance and health during this time can set the stage for an efficient and profitable feedout, or a long and productive life in the cow herd. FULL STORY »

Cattle management: October timely tips

Check these cattle management tips for your herd as the fall season approaches. FULL STORY »

Finding a genetic connection: Diseases and defects in cattle

It's no secret that genes play an important role in genetic abnormalities in cattle, but could a gene be responsible for resistance or tolerance to diseases? That's what Agricultural Research Service (ARS) researchers are trying to find out. FULL STORY »

Trailer compartments and density

Does the section of the trailer that the calf is in make a difference in risk of illness or performance? That’s a hard one to quantify, but some researchers have been looking at the different compartments of livestock trucks where cattle stand, including vibration level, wind, temperature and other factors. FULL STORY »

Protect cattle from winter weather

Winter on the northern Great Plains is a harsh environment for beef cattle. During the winter, cattle increase their production of body heat in response to severe cold by increasing their heart rate, respiration and blood flow. FULL STORY »

Crossbreeding reduced incidence of respiratory disease

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) is the most costly beef cattle disease in the U.S. Scientists at the U.S. FULL STORY »

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