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In the Fall of 2007, a randomized, blinded clinical trial was performed at a commercial feedyard in Alberta, Canada. In a treatment study, a total of 512 high-risk, beef steer calves (650- 750 pounds) were treated with either Nuflor (fl orfenicol) at 40 mg/kg or Draxxin (tulathromycin) at 2.5 mg/kg after developing respiratory disease.

These animals were treated with Micotil (tilmicosin) at 10 mg/kg at the time of initial processing.

Cattle treated with Nuflor had a net economic advantage of $17.70 over Draxxin-treated cattle. This was due in part to the statistically signifi cant (p=0.04) lower respiratory case-fatality rate in Nuflor-treated animals and the higher treatment cost of Draxxin.

The results of this study from a peer-reviewed article1 show Nuflor to be an efficacious and economical antibiotic for the treatment of bovine respiratory disease.