Dairy Health: BVD Testing Available Through The PA Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System

Bovine Virus Diarrhea virus (BVDv) is a bovine enteric virus with a worldwide distribution. In preliminary studies in 2002 on the development of BVD control programs for Europe, losses due to BVD were estimated at between $5 and $20 per calving. FULL STORY »

Receiving health for cattle purchased at the sale barn

A survey of a Wisconsin livestock market in 2002 indicated only 7.5 percent of the cattle were announced as being vaccinated and boostered for bovine respiratory diesease at the surveyed feeder calf sales. FULL STORY »

Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 HB

Pfizer Animal Health introduces a 5-dose vial for Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 HB. FULL STORY »

Cow Calf Management: Start Marketing & Adding Value Today

Historically speaking, cow/calf producers were "price takers" rather than "price makers." However, in the past decade or so, over a dozen new opportunities are enabling some calves deemed higher "quality" to sell at a higher price. FULL STORY »

Selection for BRD resistance (Animal health)

Research indicates there is a genetic component to susceptibility or resistance to bovine respiratory disease in cattle, suggesting an opportunity to reduce BRD incidence through genetic selection. FULL STORY »

Calf nutrition: value-added attribute?

Producers hope to attract buyers by improving feeder-calf health. FULL STORY »

Cattle Health: Withdrawal Times Are Critical

Summer often brings a couple cattle health issues that must be treated for the well-being of the animal. Foot rot and pinkeye are both infections that often are responsive to antibiotic therapy. FULL STORY »

Transition heifers successfully

Heifers returning to the dairy from a heifer ranch or new purchases can present health challenges. Use these tips to manage those challenges. FULL STORY »

Write a strong calf-raising contract

As dairies expand, more dairy producers look to custom growers to raise their herd replacements. FULL STORY »

Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP® 5 L5 HB Now Available In 5-Dose Vial

Pfizer introduces 5-dose vial of vaccine for five major viral pathogens. FULL STORY »

What's A Show-Me-Select Heifer?

The name "Show-Me-Select" heifer was introduced to Missouri cattlemen in 1997. It is the name given to beef heifers that are managed from weaning to late second and third stage pregnancy to minimize calving difficulty and set them up to reduce future reproductive losses. FULL STORY »

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