Write a strong calf-raising contract

As dairies expand, more dairy producers look to custom growers to raise their herd replacements. Unfortunately businesses can’t rely on a handshake anymore. Calf raisers and contracting dairies need to have a strong contract in place to protect everyone involved. Four calf experts offered tips on how to write a strong contract and what should be included in the contract. FULL STORY »

Fit and ready to breed

Springtime bull management can maximize breeding success. FULL STORY »

Bulls deserve a good vaccination program

North Dakota State University Extension beef specialist Kris Ringwall offers these tips for keeping valuable bulls healthy. FULL STORY »

Cattle Health: Are Your Vaccines & Health Products Working?

The failure of animal products and vaccines often are the result of human error and not the result of a defective product.

Have you ever done any of the following things?

BeefTalk: Bulls Deserve A Good Vaccination Program

Bulls can get sick, too. As a kid, I remember finding our bull dead.

The bull was at the end of a grove of trees, the victim of blackleg. Not far away were two dead calves.


April Beef Management Calendar

Keep your cattle healthy with the the following Spring checklist:

Cattle Health: What Is BVD-PI?

BVD-PI stands for Bovine Viral Diarrhea-Persistent Infection. BVD-PI occurs when an animal is infected with BVD before birth (in utero).

Video: Drovers TV - BVD, Storm Rations, Marketing Cattle Play video

This week's Drovers TV episode takes a look at BVD, storm rations and marketing cattle.

An inside look at heifer raising

Greg Goodell, veterinarian with The Dairy Authority in Greeley, Colo., shares management tips that he uses on his calf operation in the February issue of Bovine Veterinarian. Including how Goodell’s operation tests for bovine viral diarrhea, its vaccination program, communication protocols with dairy owners and its nutrition program. FULL STORY »

Practice Tips: Managing the young beef heifer

The period from calving to three months of age is without question the most critical time for heifer growth and development. FULL STORY »

Practice Tips: Managing the young dairy heifer

Dairy heifers with a history of disease, insufficient nutrition or overcrowded housing conditions as young calves are likely to perform poorly in both reproduction and milk production. FULL STORY »

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