Feedout Demonstrates Calves' Performance

The North Dakota State University Extension Service is seeking cattle producers to participate in the 2010-11 Eastern North Dakota Cattle Feedout. FULL STORY »

It pays to vaccinate on arrival

Higher feed costs have resulted in backgrounded cattle staying on grass longer to reach heavier weights before entering the feedyard. By the time these calves get to the feedyard at 9 to 12 months of age, they are primed for revaccination against major respiratory diseases. FULL STORY »



Ask before you buy

These questions will help you navigate the maze of vaccines available. FULL STORY »

Do your homework

Vaccine labels contain a wealth of information, and failing to read vaccine label indications and understanding label claims may leave cattle vulnerable to disease. FULL STORY »

Autumn herd-health considerations

While producers are weaning calves this fall, giving the cows a little attention, too, will provide long-term benefits. FULL STORY »

Don’t sell your vaccines short

Vaccination alone may not be all that is necessary to help protect cattle from respiratory disease. FULL STORY »

Bovine viral diarrhea decision tree

Designing the best control plan involves determining risk, analyzing cost and benefits and making tough decisions. FULL STORY »

NAHMS releases BVD report

A new report from the USDA’s National Animal Health Monitoring System shows growing awareness of BVD, but information gaps remain and few producers test for the virus. FULL STORY »

Keep it simple

Choosing a respiratory vaccine program can be as easy as answering five simple questions. FULL STORY »

Study dispels myth about inactivated vaccines

A recent study published in the scientific journal Veterinary Therapeutics provides new evidence that a long-standing perception about inactivated vaccines has become outdated and inaccurate. FULL STORY »

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