Stay ahead of disease with proper diagnostics

Two persistently infected BVD calves found in one day. Bad news!

With some detective work, the owners were able to find an infected cow that had been in the same pen as the dams of the calves. FULL STORY »

Practice Tip: Calf ranches and respiratory disease

Calf ranches typically raise day-old Holstein calves up to several hundred pounds in preparation for entry into the feedlot. FULL STORY »

Pre-breeding vaccinations

When cattle producers think about vaccinations, they more commonly think about vaccinating calves instead of cows. According to a survey published in 2009 by the USDA and the National Animal Health Monitoring System, a higher percentage of cattle producers give vaccinations to calves (65.5%) than to cows (53.3%). FULL STORY »

How vaccine can trigger abortions

Cattle that are pregnant and vaccinated with a MLV may on a rare occasion abort their fetuses due to infection with the vaccination virus. FULL STORY »

Do preconditioning programs work for dairy heifers?

It may be time to take a lesson from the beef industry. FULL STORY »

Do preconditioning programs work for dairy heifers?

It may be time to take a lesson from the beef industry. FULL STORY »

Your Animals' Good Health Benefits Everyone

In Marlys Miller's article, "It’s Your Responsibility To Fend Off FADs," she highlights the concerns about foreign animal diseases and emphasizes our collective responsibility to keep them out of the USA. Foot and mouth disease (FMD) is such a terrible disease that it rightly deserves the attention it gets. FULL STORY »

Dairy Health: BVD Testing Available Through The PA Animal Diagnostic Laboratory System

Bovine Virus Diarrhea virus (BVDv) is a bovine enteric virus with a worldwide distribution. In preliminary studies in 2002 on the development of BVD control programs for Europe, losses due to BVD were estimated at between $5 and $20 per calving. FULL STORY »

Receiving health for cattle purchased at the sale barn

A survey of a Wisconsin livestock market in 2002 indicated only 7.5 percent of the cattle were announced as being vaccinated and boostered for bovine respiratory diesease at the surveyed feeder calf sales. FULL STORY »

Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 HB

Pfizer Animal Health introduces a 5-dose vial for Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5 L5 HB. FULL STORY »

Cow Calf Management: Start Marketing & Adding Value Today

Historically speaking, cow/calf producers were "price takers" rather than "price makers." However, in the past decade or so, over a dozen new opportunities are enabling some calves deemed higher "quality" to sell at a higher price. FULL STORY »

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