Pfizer: Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP® 5 L5 HB Now Available In 5-Dose Vial

Producers have a new vaccination management option with the introduction of a 5-dose vial for Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP® 5 L5 HB. Pfizer Animal Health now offers the vaccine in convenient 5-, 10- and 50-dose vials.

Health Guarantees For Feeder Cattle

Many times when cattle change hands there is some expectation of a certification of health regarding the purchased cattle. However, these “guarantees” of health are somewhat ill defined. One of the major questions about health guarantees relates to the sales of feeder cattle. FULL STORY »

Manage New Heifer Calves To Become Top Performing Replacements

Spring calving season is drawing to a close. Hopefully, most cow/calf producers are reaping the rewards of good prebreeding and reproduction management protocols with a healthy calf crop. In addition to representing the future of the herd, this year’s calves should carry the latest improvement in genetic characteristics.

May Beef Management Calendar

Tips for maintaining your herd.

Making beef cattle welfare work

The beef industry works hard at cattle welfare, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t improve. FULL STORY »

How Do You Keep BVD Out Of Cattle Herd?

Producers should not go through the time and expense of testing to eliminate this disease if they are not going to take measures to keep it out.

Write a strong calf-raising contract

As dairies expand, more dairy producers look to custom growers to raise their herd replacements. Unfortunately businesses can’t rely on a handshake anymore. Calf raisers and contracting dairies need to have a strong contract in place to protect everyone involved. Four calf experts offer tips on how to write a strong contract and what should be included in the contract. FULL STORY »

Gold Standard Labs Opens New Facility In Sulphur Springs, TX

Gold Standard Labs, the leading private diagnostic laboratory for testing cattle to detect those persistently infected (PI) with Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) virus, this week opened its seventh facility – this one located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The other six labs are located in Hereford, Shiner and Schwertner, Texas; Garden City, Kansas; and Bowling Green, Kentucky and Alma, Nebraska.

Heritability Of Bovine Respiratory Disease

Groups of 1519 preweaned and 3277 feedlot cattle were used to study heritability of bovine respiratory disease (BRD). Across both groups, the sire of individuals was known. Preweaned calves came from one herd. FULL STORY »

Timely Tips

Tips for managing your cattle ranch this spring.

Protecting More Calves From Respiratory Diseases

It soon will be time to "work" the spring-born calves. New research is available that suggests that the young calves may be vaccinated with products used for protection against the respiratory diseases (IBR and BVDV). FULL STORY »

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LONGRANGE® (eprinomectin)

Provides up to 100 to 150 days of parasite control in a single treatment– long enough to break the parasite ... Read More

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