It’s now easier than ever for cattle producers to customize their herd identification.

The American Angus Associaiton® Tag Store, available at, now allows farmers and ranchers to order numerous, customized ear tags and other ID options in less time.

“Previously, producers could customize tags with unique tag numbers, then add text that would be the same on each tag. Now they’re able to upload data that includes unique text for each available line — for example, sire, dam or birth date information,” says AngusSource® director Sara Snider, who oversees the Tag Store.

The new function provides expanded customization options, at no additional fee.

Snider says large visual tags cost just 99¢.

“Now, producers can use our spreadsheet template to fill in each field available for the tag size chosen. Step-by-step directions walk them through the process,” she says. “The new feature is great for producers hosting a sale with various consignors; or those who would simply like to see sire and dam information on their tags.”

Producers no longer have to individually build tags or send spreadsheets to the office. They can simply upload the spreadsheet as a CSV file online.

The Tag Store was launched in 2010 to provide producers with high-quality, custom-printed cattle ID options at unbeatable prices. The interactive site exclusively offers Destron Fearing™ products, including visual tags, e. Tags [radio frequency identification (RFID) tags], Combo e. Tags and “840” tags. Accessories such as applicators, readers, panel antennas and headgate kits, are also available at below-retail prices.

All tags are manufactured within 3 to 5 business days and shipped directly to the producer; flat rate shipping charges apply.

Visit for more information.