Lameness in Cattle: Causes associated with infections

Some lameness cases will bridge these two classifications: sometimes lameness-causing infections are the direct result of injuries. This iGrow article will focus on causes of lameness associated with infections. FULL STORY »

Controlling flies on pastured cattle in Nebraska

As we move closer to summer grazing season, livestock producers should start to consider their fly control management systems. There are three fly species in Nebraska that economically impact grazing cattle; horn fly, face fly, and stable fly. FULL STORY »

Lameness in Cattle: Causes associated with injury

Most cattle in feedlots and pastures are exposed to many potential causes of injury. If cattle can successfully avoid getting hurt from feedbunks, fences, corral panels, waterers and other equipment, there are always other herdmates to present a potential hazard (e.g., bulls fighting with each other). FULL STORY »

Branding time and Beef Quality Assurance

It is spring and that means its branding time across cattle country. As producers are finishing calving season and preparing for branding it is important to review BQA guidelines. FULL STORY »

Beta Agonists Part 1: Working to resolve the issue

The Cattle Industry Summer Conference usually is a fairly quiet, policy- and business-focused event, but now and then something happens to shake things up. That was the case last August in Denver, when the feed additive Zilmax quickly became the hot topic of discussion. FULL STORY »

Strategic deworming can pad producer profits, improve herd health

Regardless of one’s location throughout the United States, a common goal among all cow-calf producers is wean a healthy calf crop each year. An important step in that process is controlling internal parasites throughout the herd. FULL STORY »

Insects represent a link for antibiotic resistance traits

Those pesky house flies buzzing around your home or invading your springtime picnic could be doing more harm to human health than you realize. FULL STORY »

Strategies to stamp out stable flies

Filth flies are a pain, especially stable flies that will travel several miles just to bite livestock, pets and people. They often attack the ankles and lower legs, inflicting sharp, stabbing bites. FULL STORY »

Transitioning the bull from "storage" into an athlete

In recent weeks we've spoke several times in this publication about the value of a bull's breeding soundness exam and the economic advantages of getting as many cows as possible bred early in the season. FULL STORY »

Livestock owners need to be alert for ‘hardware disease’

Livestock owners need to scan their pastures for storm debris that could prove fatal to their cattle, goats and horses, said Tom Troxel, associate head, animal science, for the University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture. FULL STORY »

Fly control this spring

Spring has arrived and the warming temperatures bring new life, including flies. Controlling these pesky insects can be irritating for cattle farmers. There are many good products available to assist in fly control but they need to be applied properly to get expected results. FULL STORY »

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