BVD-PI stands for Bovine Viral Diarrhea-Persistent Infection. BVD-PI occurs when an animal is infected with BVD before birth (in utero). The animal will remain infected with BVD for life and will shed virus continuously. BVD-PI animals often are poor doers but can appear healthy and normal in size.

Source: New York State Department of Agriculture

BVD Resources

03/24/2010 07:50AM

This week's Drovers TV episode takes a look at BVD, storm rations and marketing cattle.

03/15/2010 01:14PM

Cattle producers preparing to work spring-born calves should be taking steps now to protect their animals from the respiratory diseases, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis and bovine viral diarrhea virus.

03/08/2010 02:58PM

IDEXX presents a series of bovine health webinars with available continuing education credits for veterinarians.

03/08/2010 09:09AM

There are a lot of different opinions regarding which antibiotics are best for treating common infections – for example, pneumonia and footrot. How can a cow-calf producer make the best decision about which product to use and when?

03/05/2010 03:06PM

It soon will be time to "work" the spring-born calves. New research is available that suggests that the young calves may be vaccinated with products used for protection against the respiratory diseases (IBR and BVDV).