New edition of Johne’s disease handbooks available

Beef producers and their veterinarians who want to help prevent or control Johne’s disease in their herds often ask where they should start with the process. FULL STORY »

Preventing coccidiosis from taking hold of calves this fall

K-State veterinarian Gregg Hanzlicek talks about a disease which frequently afflicts weaned beef calves, coccidiosis, and the preventative steps producers should take to keep this from taking hold in calves this fall. FULL STORY »

Cattle management: October timely tips

Check these cattle management tips for your herd as the fall season approaches. FULL STORY »

Finding a genetic connection: Diseases and defects in cattle

It's no secret that genes play an important role in genetic abnormalities in cattle, but could a gene be responsible for resistance or tolerance to diseases? That's what Agricultural Research Service (ARS) researchers are trying to find out. FULL STORY »

On-arrival animal health considerations for feedyard operators

One of the most important challenges facing feedlot operators, and the consulting veterinarians who service them, is the development of on-arrival strategies to maximize health in the most economic fashion. FULL STORY »

Researchers uncover genetic link to cattle diseases

The origin of three costly cattle diseases is genetically linked, according to findings from U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) researchers. FULL STORY »

Ask your veterinarian if you’re at risk for trichomoniasis

Open cows and transmittable diseases are two phrases no cattleman wants to hear. But unfortunately, the spread of a lingering disease known as trichomoniasis is bringing them back to mind. FULL STORY »

NMSU field day focuses on high-altitude disease

The inaugural field day at New Mexico State University’s Top of the Valle research facility at the Valles Caldera National Preserve will give cattle producers an opportunity to learn more about bovine high altitude disease and the research being done to reduce the risk of cattle dying from hypertension while grazing in the mountains of the western United States. FULL STORY »

Innovacyn launches new line of infection-fighting products

Innovacyn Inc. announced the launch of three Vetericyn® products designed to meet the specific needs of the livestock market including dairy animals, beef cattle and swine. FULL STORY »

Veterinarians, livestock owners must be vigilant

Severe drought in the southern U.S., coupled with extreme wet conditions in the upper Midwest, is creating situations in which North Dakota veterinarians and livestock owners may see health problems not normally found in the state. FULL STORY »

Funding to combat TB in northern Michigan reaches $1.5 million

USDA NRCS allocates another $500,000 to help farmers protect livestock FULL STORY »

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