Routine Surveillance Finds Beef Herd Positive For Bovine TB In Michigan

Producer meeting called for cattle owners in a 10-mile radius of the farm

Dairy Health: Johne’s Disease

One of the persistent diseases in cattle is Paratuberculosis, or Johne’s (pronounced "Yo-nees") disease. It is a chronic, incurable, contagious infection of the intestinal tract caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis ssp. FULL STORY »

Timely Topics: Pinkeye In Cattle

Pinkeye is a highly contagious infectious disease affecting the eyes of cattle. The name describes the redness and inflammation of the lining of the eyelid and eyeball, an early sign of the disease. This common disease can vary in its severity from year to year. FULL STORY »

New Brochure Available: Cost Of Johne’s Disease To A Dairy Herd

Within the dairy industry, Johne’s disease isn’t a “it could never happen to my herd” event. After all, National Animal Health Monitoring Systems research shows that slightly more than two out of three U.S. dairy operations have Johne’s disease. FULL STORY »

Foot Rot In Grazing Cattle On Wet Pastures

Many pastures in the Eastern two-thirds of Oklahoma are now soggy from repeated rains and thunderstorms. Standing water and muddy conditions can increase the likelihood of “foot rot” in grazing cattle. FULL STORY »

Vaccinate Livestock Against Anthrax Now

Livestock producers should get their animals vaccinated for anthrax now, especially if they are in areas with a history of the disease, North Dakota State University Extension Service veterinarian Charlie Stoltenow advises. FULL STORY »

Cattle Health: Flooding Poses Threat From Anthrax

The state veterinarian's office says flooding and rain this spring could increase the risk of anthrax poisoning in livestock. FULL STORY »

Japan PM Admits Fault In Handling Cattle Disease

Japan's prime minister acknowledged Tuesday that the government was not doing enough to contain a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in a southern prefecture that has crippled farmers growing prized beef and prompted its governor to declare a crisis. FULL STORY »

Cattle Health: Control Pinkeye Before It Affects Summer Gains

Pinkeye is a common problem plaguing cattle during the summer months. It can affect cattle of all ages, but younger cattle tend to exhibit a higher incidence of disease. FULL STORY »

Cattle Health: Withdrawal Times Are Critical

Summer often brings a couple cattle health issues that must be treated for the well-being of the animal. Foot rot and pinkeye are both infections that often are responsive to antibiotic therapy. FULL STORY »

North Dakota Board Denies Exemption To Canadian Cattle

AgWeek reports the North Dakota Department of Agriculture rejected a Canadian cattleman’s request to import cattle without testing. FULL STORY »

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